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Welcome to the site of the Sedrin project. A project that aims to help Roma children to complete their primary education.

We decided to tackle this problem by training the Roma women to act as intermediators between the Roma children and the school.

Professional education of experts for better future of intellectually disabled Roma

Whilst the difficulties faced by Roma in general are well identified – the dangerous
combination of illiteracy, widespread unemployment and failing health and housing
facilities, issues of disability are often overlooked, especially in the context of extreme
poverty. Roma with intellectual disabilities are doubly marginalised because of general
discrimination targeting Roma and because of their ethnic origin. Moreover,
intellectual disabilities are not adequately -addressed by therapeutic care or adequate
treatment. This issue is a particularly sensitive one, given numerous reports
of widespread misuse of and misdiagnosis within special needs education, which
has been the case over the years in parts of Central and Eastern Europe. There is a
major risk that actual and proven cases of intellectual disability amongst Roma
children of school age go unreported and that essential opportunities for proper care
are missed addressing their special needs in an inclusive educational environment.

This project, bringing together stakeholders from countries with a sizeable Roma
minority, undertakes to offer adequate and pragmatic training to professionals and
social workers in addressing the combined discrimination affecting Roma and children
with special needs.

An innovative pedagogical curriculum has been elaborated specifically to improve
training and give expertise to professionals involved in treating and caring for intellectually
disabled Roma. They are taught to adapt their counselling to the Roma
context. The hope is that families may gain a better insight into intellectual disabilities
so as to treat these children with special needs on an equal footing with any other
child in the family circle.

Coordinator: Center za izobraževanje in kulturo Trebnje, SI
Tel.: +38 673482101 | Website:
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Contact Person: Mrs Patricija Pavlič

Source: Roma and Education: Challenges and Opportunities in the European Union

© European Union, 2012

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